3 hours daily

1.      AquatoniK pool –Approximately 1 hour. Order is of no importance.

-          Chinese massage of your feet on an underwater chaise-longue for 6 min.

-          Super Nova trail – massage of ankles, knees, hips, breast and back for 6 min.

Swimming against the current, if possible

-          Waterfall on your back and neck for 3 min.

-          Aqua bike – 10 min.

-          Underwater sport track – 10 min.

-          Relax in the Ventury zone – 3 min.

-          Radon mineral pool at 40ºC - 10 min. maximum

/not recommended for hypertonic people and those suffering from varication/.

-          Jacuzzi with rotating nozzles and contrast massage, /sprayers/ on your neck and geyser.


2.      SPA – approx. 1 hour 10 min. The order is obligatory.

-          Temperature adaptation in tepidaruim /Roman bath/ at 37ºC – 10 min.

-          Steam bath at 48ºC for 10-15 min.

-          Ice room – 5 min.

·         Ice lake at 5ºC – the time to dip your shoulders under water.

·         Washing salt off with a bucket

·         Rubbing in ice-shavings on the entire body and in your hair

-          Finnish sauna at 80ºC. Getting in with a towel only. One might choose the infrared sauna at 55ºC instead /for hypertonic people/

-          Adventure shower – 5min. Buttons from bottom – up:

·         London mist at 18 to 24ºC. Hiss of wind in a yellow radiance.

·         Siberian storm at 8 to 12ºC. Stormy wind in blue radiance.

·         Tropical storm at 26 to 30ºC. Birds songs in red radiance.

-          d-r Kneip’s trail – 10 min. You march 20-30 steps for about a minute and then pass on into another bath with a different temperature. Effective stimulation of the immune system.

-          15 min. in the relax hall. You sink into a comfortable chaise-longue which takes the shape of your body, put on the headphones and with dzen music your choice relax in a natural environment.


3.      Restoration of body balance /your choice/ - a fruit juice in the lobby-bar, with a book into your bed or a taking walk around.