1. Hotel guests have no right to bring in and make use of any electric heaters and appliances during their stay at the hotel.

2. Hotel guests have no right to bring in and use any foodstuff during their stay at the hotel.

3. Hotel guests have to keep quiet in the afternoon and at night (between 2 and 4 p.m. and after 10.30hrs. in the evening )

4. It is prohibited to bring in and store inflammable substances, explosives and bulky objects (luggage, paints, chemicals, bikes and motorbikes as well).

5. Smoking should be done only on the spots appointed, out of the hotel.

6. No pets are allowed to be brought in the hotel.

7. No furniture or property should be moved about the rooms and hotel premises (without hotel management permission).

8. No property (gowns, towels, inventory, utensils etc.)is to be taken out of the hotel by the guests during their stay in.

9. Hotel guests are held materially (financially) responsible for damage or loss of hotel property.

10. Being accommodated at the hotel guests are expected to present ID papers for registration purposes.

11. Hotel guests are expected to stick to a definite dress code visiting the restaurant or other places of resort.

Clothing should be sports type but elegant.

It is undesirable to enter the restaurant for lunch or dinner or the amusement places in slippers/flip-flops, in shorts, bathing suits or other unsuitable clothing.

12. It is forbidden to bring outside people to stay in without administration permission. It is desirable visitors to be met in the hotel foyer.

13. Going up the hotel floors for outsiders is allowed only after their presenting an ID and registration at the reception desk.

14. Leaving the hotel guests are obliged to pay for the key-card broken or damaged during their stay.

15. Leaving the hotel all damaged and/or missing property, not noticed (not reported on time) during their stay, should be paid for at the price as fixed in the price-list available in every room.

16. Guests arrive and leave the hotel through main (visitors ʹ) entrance only

17. When harsh breaking of hotel rules is established, breaking the law and law-order, undermining the name and prestige of the hotel, the hotel owner has the right to terminate relations with the visitors and their stay at the hotel.

Hotel management