Try something different - Garra Rufa Fish Feet Therapy

Also known as DOCTOR FISH or FISH SPA, fish are distinguished by their ability to remove diseased and dead epithelial cells from human skin by rejuvenating it. It is important to note that Garra Rufa only feeds on the top dead skin layer and never with live and healthy cells.

The saliva of healing fish contains the enzyme DITHRANOL, which acts favorably on the skin and is used in medicine to make creams and lotions for skin rejuvenation and rejuvenation.

The fish activate acupuncture points on the feet (nerve points of all important organs), stimulating blood circulation, helping to balance the nervous system. They relieve the whole body and achieve a complete feeling of WELLNESS and RELAX. The sensation can be compared to a pleasant tickle, and then you feel rested. In addition to the relaxing and relaxing effect of the procedure, there is also an improvement in the skin type. It becomes noticeably softer, tender and smooth.

20 minutes - 20.00 BGN