SPA TEAM OOD, registered in the Trade Register of the Registry Agency with UIC 207114439, located and with management address on town Velingrad, 56 Georgi Benkovski str, is the administrator of personal data with the Commission for Personal Data Protection and works with the committed personal information in accordance with the Law for Protection of Personal Data and the General Regulation for Protection of Personal Data (EC)2016/679.

This policy for protection of personal data is applied at AquatonikBalneo Complex in Velingrad and is to be found at our website

We, the administrator of personal data, as professionals with long-time experience in the field of tourism, respect the immunity the personal consumer.

Our current policy for security aims at informing You about the process of collecting, use and re-directing of personal data. That is why, please, read it carefully and  get acquainted with its contents. In case you have any inquiries direct them to the following e-mail:


In the sense of this policy:

Personal data is considered any information, concerning a physical person, who is identified or can be identified directly or indirectly through an ID number or one or more specific signs. Data can concern facts, such as: e-mail, place or date of birth or attitude towards the actions or behavior of the Subject of data.

Personal data administrator is a physical or legal person, public agency or other structure, which can on its own or in co-operation with others define the aims and means of processing personal data; when the aims and means for that processing have been defined by EU laws or the law of the member state country, the administrator or the special criteria for its definition can be settled by EU lawor the law of the member state country;

Personal data processing is any activity or a number of activities that can be performed in connection to personal data with automatic or other means such as collecting, recording, organization, storage, adaptation or alteration, restoration, consultation, use, uncovering through delivery, dissemination, giving up,  updating or combining or locking, deletion or devastation.


To ensure and improve the services offered by our hotel and for the need of administration their resources, storage, usage and processing we make use of and process personal data keeping the applied legal requirements.


The types of personal data which the administrator collects and processes are different, in compliance with aims they have been collected for and the grounds on which it has been done.

The types of data collected in accordance with the aims are the following:

1. For declaring and confirmation of bookings at Aquatonik Balneo Complex, town of Velingrad, SPA TEAM OOD collects and processes the following types of data:

A) through our web page:

· when one presses the SEND button: name, e-mail, address and phone number of the contact person;

B) bookings on the phone

· contact phone number and e-mail address for confirmation

· name and surname of contact person

That information is kept until reservation is realized and after that data is deleted and no further use of it is possible.

2. At accommodation of visitors in AquatonikBalneo Complex the administrator processes and stores the following information:

· personal number

· name of visitor (in Cyrillic alphabet for Bulgarian citizens and in Latin alphabet for foreigners, in accordance with national regulatory documents).

· date of birth

· sex

· citizenship

· Number of ID card/valid national ID document

· state of issue of ID papers

Data collected at accommodation for registration purposes is asked for on the basis of Art. 116, section 2 of the Law of Tourism and are needed to keep a register of accommodated tourists. They are kept for 5/five/ calendar years.

3. When a request has been made through the hotel web page, after one presses the SEND button we process the name and e-mail of contact person.


Processing personal data we stick to the following principles:

· conformity with the law – collecting, processing and storage of Your personal data we stick to the requirements of applicable Bulgarian and European legislature;

· consciousness and transparency – data collected we process in accordance with the current policy of confidentiality which is accessible for everyone to see;

· relatability of processing - done aiming at collecting minimum data, types of it collected are reduced to essentials in accordance with the aim of processing. These aims are the ones we have your agreement to process;

· restricted storage – we process and store the data received for a period of time in accordance with the aims and your agreement;

· agreement of hotel visitors to process their personal data – whenever you send an inquiry to Aquatonik Balneo Complex in Velingrad (about prices, reservations, clarifying status of bookings already made and/or other questions connected to services offered by the Hotel) you give your permission SPA TEAM OOD to process and store personal data supplied by you making your inquiry.


SPA TEAM OOD applies technical and organizational methods for security aiming to protect the personal data you have consigned from accidental or illegal destruction, loss, unlawful access, alteration or dissemination as well as other forms of processing by non-authorized persons. The security measures applied are constantly upgraded and adapted to the most up-to-date technologies.

The personal data collected can be to partners of SPA TEAM OOD, who process that data in the name of SPA TEAM OOD and have taken the obligation to stick to all applicable norms of personal data protection. We have taken into consideration the condition that this information could be used only within the range of the limits set by legal basis on which it has been collected or by your personal agreement in connection to the processing in the name of SPA TEAM OOD, as well as by the fact that similar information is considered strictly confidential.

SPA TEAM OOD can uncover or give access to personal information only in accordance with the legal rules applied, if a court or administrative body order or require it done or if the commitment of personal data is connected to the fulfilment of a legal obligation of SPA TEAM OOD. Data collectedwith the aim to assist accommodation at Aquatonik Balneo Complex, Velingradis accessible only to third persons defined by the Law of Tourism, the Ministry of Tourism, the Municipality of Velingrad, the Minister of Interior, the National Revenue Agency and the National Institute of Statistics.


1. In compliance with the operating legal regulationsYou have the right of ownership and access to data you have provided for processing. With a written application sent to e-mail you will be given information about the type and aim of processing  of the personal data you have granted as well as to insist to we to delete every personal information , without any option of further processing. Having access to your personal data you can also ask for alteration in case there are mistakes or discrepancies in it.

A written application can be personally submitted (or by an authorized person with a letter of authority legalized by a notary public) at the contact address as given or by e-mail from the address you have committed as data to be processed.

The contact address and exercising the rights as mentioned above:SPA TEAM OOD, #122 Nikola Vaptsarov str., Velingrad, e-mail:

2. Consumers have got the right to raise an objection to processing their personal data. The objection should be directed to SPA TEAM OOD, in the order of section 1 of this part. SPA TEAM OOD is obliged to consider your objection in 30-day term form the date of its entry and inform you about the result of the internal check-up that has been made.

3. Consumers have got the right to complain before the respective control body. According to the legal regulation in power this competent control body in the Republic of Bulgaria is the Personal Data Protection Commission.

4. Consumers have the right to receive their personal data as stored by SPA TEAM OOD, when commissioned in a well-structured, widely used and adapted for machine reading form. They also have the right to transfer that data to a different administrator of personal data without any hindrance by SPA TEAM OOD, in connection and in respect to data commissioned in agreement, in cases data commissioned in a contract, where the consumer represents a side or data presented for taking steps on the side of the consumer and request to make a contract.


The procedures applied by SPA TEAM OOD for protection of personal datacan be alteredex-parte by SPA TEAM OOD with a view to improve them, introduce new services, changes in the manner of service providing and communication with our customers, as well as in connection to legal alterations.

When changes in the current rules for protection of personal data are made SPA TEAM OOD will bring to your knowledge the changes made publishing them in our web site and leave you enough time to get to know them and after that time is over these changes will be applied in processing your personal data, without any additional notification. If during that term you declare that you object to these changes it will be considered that you have withdrawn your agreement for processing your personal data and SPA TEAM OOD will stop any further processing in the future. This might lead to termination of your registration for the games offered, our services, electronic bulletin and etc. for which you have commissioned your data.

May 21, 2018